Announcing the Cooperative Arts Showcase and Fundraiser!

Celebrate and Support the Hidden Talents in Austin's Co-op Community At a South Austin Oasis Under the Stars!


This Fall, join ACBA as we celebrate the unique talents of Austin's Co-op Community!

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This First-of-its-kind Evening will include food and drink from Wheatsville, Black Star, Our Taco House, Tito's Handmade Vodka and other local co-ops and co-op supporters. Our silent Auction features top Central Texas destinations like Alamo Drafthouse, William Chris Vineyards, and a very special Cheesemaking Class and Dinner for Eight from L'Oca D'Oro.

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Attend for Free

Want to attend but a little short on cash? Artists in the Showcase and Volunteers attend free of charge! Artist submissions accepted HERE through 9/20. Volunteer Sign-up is HERE.

This spectacular new event is not to be missed! Get your tickets today!

Thank You to our Sponsors

A huge Thank You to our sponsors and donors: Polycot Associates, Black Star Co-op, William Chris Vineyards, Alamo Drafthouse, Tito's Handmade Vodka, L'Oca D'Oro plus more to come!

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Austin’s Commitment to Co-ops Grows, with a Strong Chance for City Funding

This Summer, ACBA has built on several years of work to see co-op technical service and education included in the City budget. ACBA has long advocated for this, with endorsements from the City’s Economic Prosperity Commission and the Small Business Division, which recommended $75,000 for co-op education, business outreach, and technical support. ACBA has organized emails to City Council offices from member businesses, and speakers to attend multiple budget hearings. On Wednesday night, several ACBA members and supporters showed up at City Hall to ask City Council directly for this funding.  Council will decide on the final 2020 budget between September 10th and 12th Please take a moment to contact your city council member and ask them to support co-ops in the new budget!

This funding has long been in the works, and enjoys broad support from City Council.  Please contact your city council member to make sure this is the year the funding finally happens and thank them for the efforts, past present and future!


City Council Approves a resolution supporting the development of cooperative businesses and directing the City Manager to convene stakeholders and to develop recommendations that detail ways the City can promote the development of new and existing cooperative businesses, commonly referred to as co-ops.( SPONSOR: Council Member Laura Morrison CO 1: Council Member Kathie Tovo CO 2: Council Member William Spelman)


March- Economic Prosperity commission recommends the City of Austin dedicate resources to cooperative development.

March- City Council Directs the City Manager to take steps to support cooperatively owned businesses.( Notes: SPONSOR: Council Member Delia Garza CO 1: Council Member Gregorio Casar CO 2: Council Member Jimmy Flannigan CO 3: Council Member Ann Kitchen )

October - EDD publishes recommendations in response to City Council Resolution, including a recommendation for total of $75,000 for worker cooperative outreach, education and technical assistance


September - CM Tovo moves to enact the funding recommended by EDD in the 2019 city budget, joined by CMs Garza, Pool, Casar and Alter.  Motion fails.


August - City Manager Cronk includes $2000 for co-op outreach in the draft budget.  CM Pool lists the funding as a priority for this budget cycle.  ACBA members speak at public hearing in support of the inclusion of the recommended $75,000 in this year’s budget.

September - Stay tuned to find out!


CALL TO ACTION - $75,000 in City Budget for Worker Co-op Conversions and Podcast

commit to coops.png

On Wednesday August the 28th the City Council is having a public hearing on the budget. One of potential line items on the budget is $75,000 to create educational material and hire somebody for a year to work on worker co-op conversions. For more updates please check out our Facebook Event for this action.

One reason this budget resolution is so important is that the recently passed Federal Main Street Employee Ownership Act. will finally allow cooperatives to access funding from the Small Business Association that was previously inaccessible. All the current infrastructure for providing SBA loans lacks knowledge about cooperatives. So, approving the budget item would be a huge step to adding to the systems that will allow Cooperatives to get access to the SBA loans.

Please check out this podcast to hear Andrea Harrington, a lawyer for Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, discussing the Maintstreet Employee Ownership Act with the ACBA board.

Building a Culture of Excellence

Thanks to everyone who attended the third workshop in our 2019 “Commit to Co-ops” series. Beth Beutel of Wheatsville Food Co-op explored performance issues within cooperatives, and how you can overcome organizational challenges to help your cooperative achieve long-term excellence. She explained how you can use six simple steps to create concrete solutions to problems such as absenteeism or lack of engagement. As a bonus her presentation is full of amazingly adorable animal memes!


Below we have the third episode of our Commit to Co-ops! podcast hosted by ACBA Board member and co-op leader Ryan Nill! You can hear the workshop in its entirety, including responses and questions from the audience, and follow along with the presentation. This handout can also help you to work through the issues discussed in the workshop.

Stay tuned for the next episode and recap of our fourth workshop, Beyond with the Breakdown: Communication in Co-ops, presented by Kavita Koppa, coming sometime in the summer.

Also be sure to attend the next workshop on July 20, Convert Your Business to a Co-op, a panel moderated by ACBA President Donald Jackson. More details coming!

"Building Resilient Communities" Panel Podcast


This podcast is the “Building Resilient Communities” panel that was held at the New Story Festival. The panel is moderated by Annelies Lottman, from the Yard to Market Co-op and the Texas Rural Cooperative Center, featured on the panel are:  

·         Frankie Bayne from the Central Texas Farmer’s Co-op

·         Dana Curtis from Key Figures Cooperative

·         Ryan Nill from Community Housing Expansion of Austin and ACBA board member

·         Robert Burns from College Houses co-ops

Participatory Bylaws and Cooperative Practice


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the second workshop in our 2019 “Commit to Co-ops” series. Kristin Scheel and Myra Dioquino of Scheel Legal explored how bylaws development presents co-op owners with an opportunity to have important conversations, create clarity and transparency, build trust, and increase access to power. They explained how bylaws development can also go terribly wrong if they are difficult to understand, exclude people, or reproduce oppressive dynamics. By engaging in a living bylaws development process, co-op owners can consider the impact of structure and agreements on co-op culture, and learn from the experiences of other co-ops of various sizes and shapes.

This workshop is also the second episode of our new podcast from ACBA Board member and co-op leader Ryan Nill! You can hear the workshop as well as Q&A with Kristin and Myra in the link below and follow along with the presentation.

Stay tuned for the next episode and recap of our third workshop by Beth Beutel of Wheatsville Co-op on “Developing a Culture of Excellence” at your co-op.

Also be sure to attend the next workshop, Beyond the Breakdown: Communication in Co-ops, hosted by Kavita Koppa, on Saturday, April 6th.