2019 Speaker Series Announcements

Exciting news!

As a result of recently received grant funding from the Cooperative Foundation, the Austin Cooperative Business Foundation (ACBF) is pleased to announce 9 cooperative-specific workshops for the upcoming year.

Building on the success of our 2018 Co-op Summer School, we’re offering a series of training sessions united around the theme “Commit to Co-ops.” Whether you’re a seasoned cooperator or interested in learning more about cooperatives, these workshops are for you. There is no cost to attend but we ask for a small Pay-What-You-Can donation ($5-15) to help fund our work.


Here is the full schedule, with more details on specific times and locations to come!

January - Back to Basics: Credit and Capital Purchasing for Cooperatives with Kavita Koppa
February - Participatory Bylaws: to Distributed Power and Equity with Kristin Scheel
March - Developing a Culture of Excellence with Beth Beutel
April - We Goin’ to Be All Right: Communicating in Co-ops with Kavita Koppa
May - Co-opensation, fairness, and compensation with Wavell Watson
July - Converting your Business to a Co-op with Don Jackson
September - Legal Considerations for Housing Cooperatives with Daniel Miller
October - Union Co-ops: Examples and Opportunities with Ryan Pollack
November - Cooperative staff evaluations: good for everyone! with Daniel Miller

The Cooperative Foundation is a steadfast supporter of Cooperative development, research, and education. For more than 60 years, vision and generosity has guided the work of the foundation and in turn benefited cooperative members and communities. Formed by cooperative leaders in 1945, The Cooperative Foundation received much of its financial assets through the vision and generosity of St. Paul architect Thomas Ellerbe Sr. and his family. That endowment and contributions from cooperative benefactors continues to support the work of the foundation. Through its mission to expand and enhance cooperatives through research, teaching, extension, innovation, and development, The Cooperative Foundation remains a vital part of the past and future of cooperation in the United States. For information about funding priorities and the competitive grant making process, visit the Foundation’s website: www.thecooperativefoundation.org.