Polycot Associates

Polycot Associates is a worker cooperative whose focus is on creating websites which are attractive, functional, and easy to maintain. Working primarily in the content management systems Drupal and Wordpress, Polycot prides itself in being able to leverage these open-source frameworks to deliver a custom web solution for a fraction of what other systems would cost. Their repertoire includes everything from simple informational websites to full-fledged web applications, e-commerce, multilingual sites, and more. This 6-owner team is looking to expand, so if you are a tech nerd and social intelligence is important to you, get in touch via their website below.

Polycot is also in the process of incubating a fledgling platform cooperative, WordJammers, providing written content on demand, like articles and blog posts. The member-owners of WordJammers, whose writing skills power the platform, will provide feedback to guide the development of the platform, and share in the profits of the business.

To get in touch, visit Polycot’s website at polycotassociates.com or WordJammers at wordjammers.com