Board Member Spotlight: Ryan Nill

Board Member Spotlight: Ryan Nill

By Annelies Lottmann

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Ryan Nill, ACBA’s Treasurer.  Ryan has been part of the ACBA Board of Directors since 2015 and first fell in love with co-ops when he was in college.  I asked him to tell me a little about his role on the Board, and his life outside of co-op work.  He’s a real cool cat and has lots of experience and expertise about housing cooperatives.  Stay Tuned next month for another Board Member Spotlight!

What is your role on the Board of Directors?

I’m the treasurer, but most of my work has been leading our Housing Advocacy Campaign. We have had several successes including a couple of resolutions passed by City Council and a much higher awareness of co-ops amongst the city’s leadership. 

What’s rewarding about your volunteer work with ACBA?

It keeps me grounded in a community and tribe. I think it’s an antidote to the modern problem of technology which encourages intimate and loose connections at the expense of those moderate connections.

How has ACBA’s work impacted your life?

It has given me many different venues to talk about my housing situation and my work. That much exposure has led me to feel like to go to person on co-ops, for people that are not very familiar with them.

What work do you do outside of your involvement with ACBA?

I’m an Account Manager and Secretary of the Board of the Key Figures Cooperative an accounting co-op.

Are you a native Austinite?  If not, what brought you to Central Texas?

No, my dad enlisted in the Air Force around the time I was born. In chronological order, I lived San Francisco, Montgomery Alabama, Panama, San Antonio, Alamogordo New Mexico, England, Clovis New Mexico, and San Antonio again. My dad left the service and started working in San Antonio around the time of I graduated. My family still lives in and near San Antonio and I have been in Austin since I went to college.

What do you like doing when you aren’t working or volunteering?

○     Playing video games and board games

○     Rock climbing

○     Walking my dog

○     Listening to 2-3 hour long podcasts where people I disagree with discuss topics with other people I disagree with. Usually about politics, history, philosophy or science.                                


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