Participatory Bylaws and Cooperative Practice


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the second workshop in our 2019 “Commit to Co-ops” series. Kristin Scheel and Myra Dioquino of Scheel Legal explored how bylaws development presents co-op owners with an opportunity to have important conversations, create clarity and transparency, build trust, and increase access to power. They explained how bylaws development can also go terribly wrong if they are difficult to understand, exclude people, or reproduce oppressive dynamics. By engaging in a living bylaws development process, co-op owners can consider the impact of structure and agreements on co-op culture, and learn from the experiences of other co-ops of various sizes and shapes.

This workshop is also the second episode of our new podcast from ACBA Board member and co-op leader Ryan Nill! You can hear the workshop as well as Q&A with Kristin and Myra in the link below and follow along with the presentation.

Stay tuned for the next episode and recap of our third workshop by Beth Beutel of Wheatsville Co-op on “Developing a Culture of Excellence” at your co-op.

Also be sure to attend the next workshop, Beyond the Breakdown: Communication in Co-ops, hosted by Kavita Koppa, on Saturday, April 6th.