2020 Board Election Candidates

Welcome our candidates for the 2020 board elections! Voting will be open shortly - if you are a member of ACBA, your primary contact will be receiving a link to the online vote, or you can vote in-person at the upcoming Cooperative Artists Showcase.

Garrick Jannene


Garrick’s Candidate Statement

My name is Garrick, and I’m a worker-owner at Key Figures, where I have been working for a little over a year. I am thrilled to bring my years of progressive organizing experience to the Austin Cooperative Business Association!

I’ve been in Austin for three years. Originally, I’m from Wisconsin, where I joined my first co-op, Riverwest Co-op Grocery and Café in Milwaukee, in 2013. While in Wisconsin, I founded a College Democrats chapter that collected hundreds of signatures for the recall of then-governor Walker after his attack on unions, and also coordinated logistics to help with the occupation of the Wisconsin state capitol back in 2011. More recently, I led the tech committee of the Austin Democratic Socialists of America, where I built and implemented many of the chapter’s IT systems.

As an ACBA board member, I’m looking forward to building on our success to grow the cooperative community here in Austin, and to create connections with other solidarity economy organizations both locally and around the world. Specifically, I hope to build our capacity and programming to provide guidance for those looking to convert existing businesses to worker cooperatives, and to provide technical assistance for those creating new worker co-ops.

I view the cooperative economy as the way of the future, and a framework we can use to fix the structural issues of our world today. We can use the cooperative model to create a more just and equitable future. Interest in co-ops has been rising rapidly, making now the perfect time for us to come together, start a co-op renaissance, and build the better world of our dreams!

Carol Fraser


Carol’s Candidate Statement

Hi there! My name’s Carol Fraser and I’d be thrilled to continuing representing Wheatsville on the Austin Cooperative Business Association Board of Directors. For the past two years, I’ve helped grow the ACBA, finding grant funding, securing sponsorships and donations, advocating for co-ops at City Hall, and growing co-op member visibility throughout Central Texas. I’ve also been the behind-the-scenes coordinator of the Commit to Co-ops! Workshop Series and a variety of grant-funded research and advocacy projects. My hope is that for the next two years I can help the Board, and the ACBA as a whole, hire permanent full-time staff who will strengthen our ability to advocate for and develop cooperatives.

I originally hail from Massachusetts via Montreal and California. In 2016 I came to Austin to go to the University of Texas, where I studied urban planning and sustainable design. I came to co-ops by way of working on Ferme Cooperative Tourne-sol, a medium-scale organic farm in Les Cèdres, QC. My professional passion is to work at the intersection of sustainability and economic development; my personal passions are cycling, music, and delicious food!

Ryan Nill

Ryan’s Candidate Statement

Ryan Nill has served on the board of the ACBA for 3 years. He is one of the founders of the Key Figures Cooperative and La Reunion Cooperative Apartments. While at ACBA he has led the Housing committee which has successfully advocating for several pieces of housing co-op legislation at the city level. Lately, he has been enjoying learning how to record ACBA events and produce a podcast.

Doug Addison

Doug’s Candidate Statement

Cooperative ownership encourages people to become better citizens and see themselves as more than consumers. It can strengthen other democratic institutions from school boards to city hall. Cooperatives have the potential to change the way our economy is structured by focusing on more than return on investment. They democratize our wealth and encourage participation to achieve a more equitable society. As we grow the cooperative economy through more cooperatively owned and operated businesses, we can prove to our political and business leaders that the co-op model is a viable way to build a sustainable economy that benefits everyone. For these reasons, I seek a seat on the ACBA Board of Directors to help the organization continue with its mission to support and grow the cooperative economy of Austin as a representative of Polycot Associates.

Doug Addison is an Austin-based web developer, food co-op board member, backyard chicken advocate and author. Doug prefers open source software, such as the Drupal content management system, and finds many similarities between the community spirit of such projects and the values and principles of the cooperative movement. He has been a Wheatsville Food Co-op board member since 2010. Doug also contributes to Austin’s food and sustainability effort as a board member of Austin's Funky Chicken Coop tour, which is held every spring on the Saturday before Easter. Doug's background includes newspaper reporting and magazine writing and editing in the business and science fields. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism from Northwestern University and has written two books about web design: Web Site Cookbook (O'Reilly, 2006) and Small Websites, Great Results (Paraglyph, 2004). Doug lives in central Austin.