Building a Culture of Excellence

Thanks to everyone who attended the third workshop in our 2019 “Commit to Co-ops” series. Beth Beutel of Wheatsville Food Co-op explored performance issues within cooperatives, and how you can overcome organizational challenges to help your cooperative achieve long-term excellence. She explained how you can use six simple steps to create concrete solutions to problems such as absenteeism or lack of engagement. As a bonus her presentation is full of amazingly adorable animal memes!


Below we have the third episode of our Commit to Co-ops! podcast hosted by ACBA Board member and co-op leader Ryan Nill! You can hear the workshop in its entirety, including responses and questions from the audience, and follow along with the presentation. This handout can also help you to work through the issues discussed in the workshop.

Stay tuned for the next episode and recap of our fourth workshop, Beyond with the Breakdown: Communication in Co-ops, presented by Kavita Koppa, coming sometime in the summer.

Also be sure to attend the next workshop on July 20, Convert Your Business to a Co-op, a panel moderated by ACBA President Donald Jackson. More details coming!

"Building Resilient Communities" Panel Podcast


This podcast is the “Building Resilient Communities” panel that was held at the New Story Festival. The panel is moderated by Annelies Lottman, from the Yard to Market Co-op and the Texas Rural Cooperative Center, featured on the panel are:  

·         Frankie Bayne from the Central Texas Farmer’s Co-op

·         Dana Curtis from Key Figures Cooperative

·         Ryan Nill from Community Housing Expansion of Austin and ACBA board member

·         Robert Burns from College Houses co-ops

Back to Basics: Credit and Capital Purchases


Thanks to everyone who was able to attend the first workshop in our 2019 “Commit to Co-ops” series. Kavita Koppa explored different options for making big purchases as a cooperative business with a focus on how to be eligible for a loan. It included basics on business finances as well as myths about business finance, how to minimize financial risk as a business, and Texas-specific resources to help move forward with your business purchases.

This workshop is also the first episode of our new podcast from ACBA Board member and co-op leader Ryan Nill! You can hear the workshop as well as Q&A with Kavita in the link below and follow along with handouts Protecting Your Credit, Credit 101 & Myths, and Co-op Credit & Big Buys.

Please be sure to attend the next workshop, Participatory Bylaws and Cooperative Practice, from Scheel & Dioquino, on Wednesday, February 27th. And stay tuned for the next podcast covering this important topic.

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