1:00pm 1:00pm

Martin House Booery Tour 2017

5th Annual MH Booery Tour is upon us! $15 for 4 MH pints plus free samples from multiple breweries. Live music, delicious grub, a costume contest, and a whole lot of ridiculousness. 

Skip the line and grab your tickets now (link above). Tickets also available at the door. 

Bishop Cider Co.
Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery
BrainDead Brewing
Chimera Brewing Company
Denton County Brewing Company
Dirty Job Brewing

The Fort Brewing Co.
Brutal Beerworks
The Other Baldwin Bros

Atlantis Aquarius
Ole G

Chez Flo
LUCK at Trinity Groves
T & A Bacon Haven

Civil Pour (pouring up coffee)
Danette's Urban Oasis
Edward-Don's Smokehouse Jerky
The Soulful Gypsy
Sweet Lucy's Pies
Union Growler Co.

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PWR Presents: SpaceSlam
7:00pm 7:00pm

PWR Presents: SpaceSlam

[This Space Party and wrestling show is free to attend and all-ages. 21+ to drink. Content may not be suitable for children]


The heavenly firmament, the cold and inky galactic vice!
The nebular starhome, the yawning void, the dome of trapped lights!
Grandpa's night-ceiling, the big-time planet hole!

The Cosmos!

Forever it squeezes our tiny Earth - forever it taunts us with a hollow voice, a voice we are all born hearing. "Who dares venture into the forbidden darkness?" it says. 

Finally, after millenia of silence, we answer: "Us!" We scream. "We dare!" No more will we surrender to the angst of being an Earth-bound people! We will finally claim our destiny as children of the stars! Hey, the Galaxy, do YOU dare take on humanity... IN THE RING?!


The Partyweight Belt has been stolen by a MYSTERIOUS SPACE QUEEN! We've gotta get it back, and the only way is to transform 4TH TAP BREWING CO-OP into a huge spacecraft. Once we're up there, why not PARTY LIKE NEVER BEFORE?! What radiant anomalies will we behold? What mysterious creatures will we encounter? How will our wrestlers match up against alien beings? Who will be the COSMIC CHAMPION?!

Plot a course to 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op on December 9th!

This galactic battlefield will behold planet-destroying competition by all our favorite Party Athletes:

Theodosia [Partyweight Champ], Dino Rida, Dan "the Man" Ziglar, Randy "The Eagle" Eagleman, Dadbod, Luigi Primo, Big Daddy Bolero, The Dumpster Babes, The Intergalactic Express, Chubby Uncle Juan and Puggin'Head, and many more!

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25 Cent Sale! Dollar Days!

Stop by our October 25 cent sale, where we bring out all our quarter items once a month for you to shop 'till you drop! Plus, come on out to shop our great Halloween selection for Spooky sales, & freaky fun all through the month of October! 

Saturday, October 21st from 11am - 5pm

Don't forget to bring your shopping bags!

Dollar Days: Oct. 16 - 20
Días de dolar: Oct. 16 - 20

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8:00pm 8:00pm

A Pocketful of Purcell

Join us October 19th as we present our first LOLA at 4th Tap of the season, A Pocketful of Purcell. Sean H. Lee Lisa Alexander David Utterback Nora Karakousoglou Victor Eijkahout, and Susan Richter will perform John Blow's rarely heard "Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell" and other early music hits by Purcell himself and his contemporaries. This evening is capped by a special secret guest performance! 

This evening, the first in our 2nd season of LOLA at 4th Tap is generously underwritten by Janet Laughlin and Norman Kaderlan in honor of Janet's birthday. Come join us as we celebrate Janet, artistic collaboration, and music from the 17th century performed in a brewery! Tickets are $10 and children 12 and under get in for FREE.

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6:00pm 6:00pm

4th Tap Presents: A Nightmare Prom

Friday the 13th,
in October.

Prom Night...
Remember that time, at Prom, when some mean kids poured pig's blood all over your fancy dress and you went on a telekenetic murder spree of all of your fellow students and teachers?
We do too...
Let's give this another go! Wear your finest prom outfit, bring your most handsome/beautiful/horrifying date and drink some of the best prom brews available. We promise this won't be a repeat of what happened before. Our taproom will NOT be transformed into a nightmare prom abattoir.
***WARNING***our taproom will most definitely be a nightmare prom abattoir.

The event is FREE to attend and bloody dresses and tuxes are welcome. Also, well-dressed creatures of dark horror are also encouraged to attend. A Nightmare King and Queen will be crowned to reign over all until the Blood Moon sinks beneath the horizon.

So, join us on Friday, October 13th, 2017 at 4th Tap for a FREE, one-night-only horror prom experience. We'll have a photographer, live music (line-up to be announced), special horror screenings all night and beer specials.
We held onto a couple of kegs of Crystal Lake - Chamomile Ale (6.66% ABV) just for this event. Crystal Lake will be on tap until it's out for $5 a pint. Also, unless eating brains is your thing...we will have 2 food trucks on site for the event: Garbo's Lobster Truck ATX and Texas Chili Queens.
Performance by Sydney Wright at 7pm!
Costume contest - winners win a pair of Zombie Charge - ATX zombie passes for October 21st race! 

See you soon...

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Live Streaming Showcase Featuring Suzanna Choffel

We're taking the show on the road! This is a special edition of our live streaming showcase taking place at 4th Tap Brewery. Bring your questions for Suzanna and be a part of our live studio audience.

Sometimes strange, sometimes serious, but always sincere. Interviews and performances with the best of Austin’s hard working musicians. Every Tuesday at 7pm live on Facebook. Check out our past shows and subscribe to our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88U8NW04S8U&t=1517s

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7:00pm 7:00pm

4th Tap 4X4 Beer Dinner

Come join us for some great comfort food made with some great beer!

We'll be serving a 4-course meal featuring 4 different beers from Austin local 4th Tap brewery!

Our menu for the event will include the following: 

Beer Highlight: +2 VITALITY Blonde Ale
Specialty Course: "Vitality Soup"
*Slow-simmered carrots, onions, celery, garlic, and roasted corn in cardamom spiced blonde ale
with seasoned croutons, fresh pico de gallo, and pepper jack & cheddar cheeses.

Beer Highlight: ZEPHYR Pale Ale
Specialty Course: "Zephyr's Shrooms"
*Beer-marinated white button mushrooms dipped and fried crispy in a tempura, pale ale batter, 
served with a creamy, spicy Zeppelin sauce.

Beer Highlight: HIGHLAND SCOUNDREL Scotch Ale
Specialty Course: "The Chicken Scoundrel"
*Hand-breaded, scotch ale-marinated, fried chicken breast sandwich,
served on a jalapeno cheese roll topped with bacon, cheddar, and homemade crispy onion strips
and buffalo wing sauce that both also include our featured beer.

Beer Highlight: BAT COUNTRY Foreign Extra Stout
Specialty Course: "Batty Bundt Cake A La Mode"
*Signature molten toffee cake served with vanilla bean ice cream
and drenched in a stout-infused caramel sauce.

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4:00pm 4:00pm

MOVED: Polycot Associates Happy Hour

Come and join Polycot Associates for our monthly company Happy Hour. We'll talk about co-ops, web development, or whatever topics of conversation happen to float through our minds at the time.

UPDATED: This event has been moved from Friday to Wednesday, and move from Hula Hut to: Backbeat, South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX, United States

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Wheatsville Food Co-op: Big CO-OP Fair


We cordially invite our owners, shoppers, community partners, neighbors, and friends to kick off CO-OP MONTH with us at our first annual BIG Co-op Fair! Get a behind-the-scenes look (and taste) of how this co-op operates and see for yourself how you contribute to our common goals with every single shop you make. We’ve got loads of fun things planned!

•  REI Co-op BIKE Giveaway

   Housemade Soup + Bakehouse Bread while supplies last.
•  Annual Owner Meeting
   11am-Noon in the Community Room
•  Equal Exchange Coffee & Chocolate Tasting
   12:30-1pm in the Community Room

Wheatsville is staffed by 235 awesome hard-working people who keep our co-op moving towards our BIG Direction Goals of

  1. More Local, Organic Sustainable Food
  2. More Co-op Economy and
  3. More Happy People.

Come for a taste, stay for the meeting, or just enjoy the rides. Wheatsville is Austin’s ONLY COMMUNITY OWNED FOOD CO-OP! JOIN US!


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6:00pm 6:00pm

Black Star Co-op Homecoming

High class dress with lowbrow food. Bringing some old friends home for this event. Welcoming the Blue Owl brewery gang along with 4th Tap Brewing Co-op. $30 tickets will get you a three course food pairing w/ beers from each brewery. A DJ will be pumping out some serious jams, and we will also have a photo booth for your enjoyment. Let's get groovy. Tickets sold on event brite.

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to Sep 23

Ben Balmer Live

  • Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Due to some heavy rain falls from Hurricane Harvey this event was unfortunately canceled last month. We have since rescheduled and are setting up for another shot at this well anticipated event. Check out to Ben’s live show on Friday September 22 @9PM, at Black Star Co-op, Austin’s community-owned pub & brewery.

Eat, drink, and relax while enjoying one of Ben’s spectacular performances. Be there!

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House Beer Release: IPA2²

IPA2² is our imperial version of IPA 2. We took our base recipe and doubled up on the dry hops consisting of Cascade, Centennial and a heavy dosing of Simcoe Cryo hop powder. Big, bold hop character and a relatively dry finish make this higher ABV beer hard to resist. 9.3%ABV, 72IBU

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to Sep 22


  • Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

In celebration of Oktoberfest we will have daily commercial tap special releases paired with German inspired fare. We will also be doing a stein giveaway, stay tuned for more information. Prost!

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2:00pm 2:00pm

Urban Savage Presents: Arts & Craft Beer Market

Urban Savage Presents: Arts & Craft Market at 4th Tap Brewing!
Combining local craft beer and local artists!

A well made craft beer is a work of art, so it makes sense to pair that up with other art mediums. 

Join us, September 17th at 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op as several artists display and sell their work!

Rays Tacos will be serving up some tasty tacos and beer will be flowing! 

Local vendors:

Radio Fonix

Abstract Expressions https://www.facebook.com/maria.murray.91/

Pekosa Peligrosa Ink

Jenny Mendelenko

TexuzGirl Soaps

Julia Wartel https://www.facebook.com/CustomCreations.JuliaWartel/

Urban Savage

Still accepting applications for vendors.
Apply here:

#localart #art #localartist #artist #handmade #shoplocal #artistsoninstagram#artgallery #buylocal #abstractart #artwork #photography #abstractpainting#homedecor #shopsmall #supportlocalartists #localbeer #craftbeer#drinklocal #instabeer #beerporn #craftnotcrap #craftbeerporn #craftbeerlife#beeradvocate #foodie

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6:30pm 6:30pm

PWR Presents: Slamhain IV

[This Fall Wrestling party is FREE and all-ages. 21+ to drink. Content may not be suitable for kids].


We had a really great spot picked out for this next one - a magical grove, hushed and peaceful! With Autumn approaching, what could be better for a party than an Enchanted Forest?!

But our car broke down on the way there! Instead of the Enchanted Forest, we set up camp in the EnSLAMted Forest!

This forest is HAUNTED!

This forest is so haunted, you can't believe it. The trees have twisted, scowling faces. Giant cobwebs stretch for miles. Witches tempt kids into their mouldering cabins...to cook them!


Forget about the rain forest, this is the PAIN FOREST! There's disembodied spirits, skeletons a plenty, twisted, clawing branches...


That's the spot! That's where the wrestling happens!


Goblin suplexes...Baba Yagas doing backflips! Brownies and sprites bodyslamming eachother from tree to tree! It's crazy and illegal, as usual!

We're Goin' BOG WILD!

Exult with us in an Autumnal Equinox celebration! Let's tempt the forces of darkness and once again revel in their failure to consume us. Join your flesh to the vast root network that pumps and pulses with the heart of the night! The huge trees reach their nasty fingers up, up, up...But we battle below, drinking beer and wrestling hard!



It's the The Night's Card!!!

Theodosia {PARTYWEIGHT CHAMPION} vs. Mrs. Fennenbaum:
SCHOLASTIC SHOWDOWN! The Unfrozen Colonial Woman battles the Violent, Disgraced Public School teacher! If Mrs. Fennenbaum wins, she's the NEW CHAMPION! If Theodosia wins, she'll get her GED! And keep her championship! This is how GEDs work!

A Midsummer Night's Prance
Some forest nymphs are going to show us how to party! Prancing counts as wrestling, PERIOD!!! End of discussion.

Ring Sanctification Ceremony w/ Gary
In our flesh and in our hearts, the fire of wrestling burns. We must sanctify the cursed ring with two noble competitors. Gary, PWR's Greatest Satyr, will lead the ritual... But who will be his worthy opponent???

Camping with Dadbod
Dadbod will show us all his tips and tricks for succesful haunted-forest-camping. Can you survive the trials of the cursed wild with only one skull doorag, a moldy James Clancy novel, a cooler full of light beer, and a collection of Jethro Tull's greatest hits? "Listen to your Father, Honey," In this special segment!

Pink Eye’s Garbageweight Challenge
Pink Eye is one half of the DUMPSTER BABES tag team, and the holder of the GARBAGEWEIGHT TITLE! She's the queen of all dumpsters! She’s got an announcement about her belt - will any of us be left UNSOILED?!

Dan "the Man" Ziglar vs. A challenger
Dan the Man: Entrepreneur Superstar, ex-Partyweight Champion and a couple times the main enemy of all mankind! Recently, he's been beset by MYSTERY SKELETONS! Who are they, and where do they come from? If we can root out their necromancer, THAT would be a match! Also, what has NECROWEIGHT Champion Randy "the Eagle" Eagleman been up to? Just curious. Not even sure why we mention it.

Big Daddy Bolero vs. Luigi Primo:
Big Daddy Bolero - the tall tycoon from Dallas! Luigi Primo, an extremely Italian Pizza chef! BDB has narrowly avoided his last 2 scheduled matches with Luigi...but with an army of LUMBERJACKS surrounding the ring, there's no escape!

Are of You Afraid of the NARRC?
PWR's BEST FRIENDS FOREVER CHAMPIONS, the North American Railroad Commission, have a spooky campfire story to tell. They'll warn about the perils of friendship...and about a monster who roams the world, enforcing RAW TRAINLAW! Is this wrestling? Maybe...

Plus, you’ll probably see these great PARTY ATHLETES in action:

BENCH HORSE: The cruel horse, the horse who can bench press! He recently won a match forcing GARY to become his best friend! Let’s see where that goes!

Chubby Uncle Juan and Puggin’Head: Everyone’s favorite kid’s TV host and his puppet pal almost always end up accidentally wrestling!

DINORIDER: Who is the mysterious DINORIDER?! This masked hero harnesses the power of DINOSAURS for his mystifying attacks! After racking up a win against Dan The Man, I hope we seem him again!

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Beer Dinner with 4th Tap Brewing


Come join co-founders of 4th Tap Brewing Co-op this Thursday for an incredible beer dinner experience at Stella Public House! The 4th Tap owners will be there to talk about the beer, answer your questions, and knock a few back while enjoying this incredible four course dinner prepared by the talented chefs at Stella.

Course 1:
Beer: Renewal Sour Wheat
Dish: Boston bibb & sweet tomato salad with feta and a Renewal reduction vinaigrette tossed with cucumber, carrots, toasted almonds and lemon zest

Course 2:
Beer: Zephyr Pale Ale
Dish: Oyster Rockafeller with pancetta, shallots and spinich

Course 3:
Beer: Highland Scoundrel
Dish: Smoked tri tip chimmy churry with white cheddar and pine nuts pizza

Course 4
Beer: Lawgiver Russian Imperial Stout
Dish: Chocolate Brulee w/ orange biscotti and oreo crust

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2:30pm 2:30pm

Private Tour and Tasting at the 4th Tap Brewery

With a fresh beer in your hand, join us on a private, small tour of 4th Tap Brewing, followed by a guided tasting in our tap room for a flight of our current favorite beers.

You'll get some beer, some learnin', then some beer learnin' with one of our obnoxiously knowledgeable workers in an intimate setting - each scheduled tour group is limited to no more than 6 humans of legal drinking age.

Tour attendees must be 21+

Visit the tickets link to reserve your spot - 2 time slots available:

2pm-3:30pm: Hosted by Founder/President John Stecker

4pm-5:30pm: Hosted by In-house Beer Knowledge Guru Laura Christie

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8:00pm 8:00pm

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 4th Tap!

O'Brien's Orchestra & 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op Present:
The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

A Night of Guided Audience Participation, Pre-Show Games, Prizes and the greatest cult classic of all-time, and a live performance presented by Austin’s premier shadowcast, O’Brien’s Orchestra!

Guided audience participation, movie heckling, live pre-show and performance and a very special opening segment just for you!

FREE! One night only at 4th Tap Brewing, September 8th!

Audience Participation Kits and Rocky Horror Merch will be available for sale on site! 

Let's do the time warp again!!!

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8:00pm 8:00pm

Anything Live Sept 7th at 4th Tap Brewery

Anything Live Anywhere!
Your time is too valuable for one type of entertainment. You want it all, one after the other: Shakespearean puppets, dramatic readings of Yelp reviews, improvised horror stories and whatever else people can fit into their limited time slots. Because we have Netflix and it doesn’t take much before we move on.

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Houston Food Bank Fundraiser @4th Tap

Our team here at 4th Tap has many family members and friends who were and continue to be severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We cannot physically be there to help them at the moment, but we can do this.

Please stop by the brewery any time on Wednesday 8/30. We will be accepting donations as well as 100% of profits for the entire day will go directly to the Houston Food Bank. All beer profits and monetary donations will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.

So, stop by - have a pint and donate that way, or stop by to make a donation. 

*UPDATE* Any physical donations (food/cleaning supplies/household goods) will be donated to BakerRipley. Their offices open after September 4th, and we will be driving goods down that week.

Houston Foodbank
Will provide 225 nutritious meals
Will provide 300 nutritious meals
Will provide 750 nutritious meals
Will provide 1500 nutritious meals

Garbo's Lobster Truck ATX will be onsite from 3pm-Close and donating 20% of profits from the night.
Belle and the Beasts will be performing at 4pm!
Monkeys On A String will be performing from 6pm-9pm!

Thank you, Austin -- we hope to see you Wednesday! ♥

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