The ACBA grew out of two contributing organizations. The Austin Cooperative Think Tank (ACTT) which developed gradually beginning in 2010 with the mission of growing the Austin cooperative economy and officially began taking on projects in 2012, the International Year of the Cooperative. It finally solidified into the ACBA in June of 2013 when the NCBA agreed to fund the program with a grant supplemented by contributions from founding member cooperatives in Austin.

The ACBA is dedicated to growing and strengthening the Austin-area cooperative community through increased consumer knowledge, inter-cooperative support and advocacy to make it easier to start and expand cooperatives.

The ACBA would like to thank our founding members, Black Star, College Houses, Cornerstone Credit Union League, Inter-Cooperative Council and Wheatsville.

Additionally, we are eternally grateful to the members of the ACTT steering committee who made all this possible, Kim Penna, Matt Scheer, Ricardo Guerrero, Steve Macias, Zak Jones, Rose Marie Klee, Josh Sabik, Brian Donovan, and Kate Vickery.  A special thanks goes to Andi Shively for her work on the retreat and business plan and Kelsie Balcaitis who sparked the project.