Resources for Cooperatives in Central Texas

These resources are recommended by the ACBA to benefit cooperatives, co-op members, researchers, and others interested in learning more about local cooperatives and the co-op movement.


Co-op Service Providers

Are you in need of professional services for your co-op? The following list of referrals is offered by the Austin Cooperative Business Association to help cooperators engaged in startup, conversions, or continuing operations. Service providers based in the Austin area are noted.*

General Support and Information

Austin Cooperative Business Association (Austin)
Texas Rural Cooperative Center (Texas)
CDS Consulting Co-op
Community Housing Expansion of Austin (CHEA) (Austin)

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Key Figures (Austin)
Wegner and Associates

Converting Businesses to Cooperatives

Democracy at Work Institute
ICA Group


National Cooperative Bank
Shared Capital Cooperative


Scheel Legal
Andrea Harrington, Texas RioGrande Legal Aid


Reports and Analysis


supporting cooperatively owned businesses

This report commissioned by the City of Austin describes best practices for municipal support of worker and consumer co-ops in Austin. The report was compiled following advocacy work by ACBA, and is based on primary research including interviews with ACBA leaders and member co-ops.


beyond business as usual

This report was led by Cooperation Texas with the support of the Nathan Cummings Foundation. It discusses the current impact of cooperatives on the Austin economy and identifies barriers and opportunities for cooperative growth. It proposes a provocative model for bringing co-ops to scale, using existing cooperatives as their own "anchor institutions" for seeded new worker co-ops to supply their goods and services.


Online Resources

Consensus Decision Making

Consensus Decision Making is a decision-making process which solicits input from all affected stakeholders, resulting in decisions with more buy-in from the team, easier implementation, and longer-lasting effects than traditional majority-rules decision making processes.

For more information, and a 1-hour training video for participants, check out Tim Hartnett’s guide at

us federation of Worker Cooperatives

Are you interested in starting a worker-owned business, or converting an existing business to a cooperative? The USFWC has a selection of Resources for Start-ups.

*Note: The Board of ACBA providers a list of providers who may be able to provide services necessary for the start-up or operation of cooperative businesses. The Board undertakes no vetting approval process and does not endorse the qualifications of any providers listed. If the Board receives a complaint from a Member Co-op about a service provider, the Board may determine by vote at a regular meeting to remove that provider from the website.